Apple hits 1 million apps submitted to the App Store

Apple hits 1 million apps submitted to the App Store
According to Appsfire, Apple has now seen 1 million apps submitted to the marketplace since launch in July 2008.

The count includes all iOS apps (iPad and iPhone) and does not include Mac App Store applications.

736,247 are currently live in the App Store, with 336,270 being paid. Of the total, 120,065 are games says the report.

The store has seen 35 billion downloads in four years and is accessed by nearly all of Apple's 400 million users.

It may be some time until Apple sees 1 million live apps, since many have been removed by Apple or the developers themselves, and others have been taken down by copyright notices. Some have also been rejected right from the get go.

Rival Android has reached 25 billion downloads and has over 650,000 live apps.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Nov 2012 15:17
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