Metallica music now on Spotify

Metallica music now on Spotify
Spotify has proudly announced that Metallica music is now available via the streaming service.

Metallica became infamous in the digital music world over a decade ago when they became influential in getting Napster shut down. The company sued the file sharing service and their own fans, over Metallica music being made available, free of charge, without their consent.

Eventually, the band embraced the changing world and made their music available on iTunes and other sites.

The deal with Spotify will be good for the band member's wallets, as well, since they will pocket all the revenue made from the streams, being that they own all their own music rights.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 8 Dec 2012 15:22
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  • Mrguss

    All the Bands should be own their own music rights; not the Copyright Mafia !


    8.12.2012 16:22 #1

  • Tarsellis

    Still wouldn't spend a nickel on them. On principle alone, never mind their music has turned into total populist crap.

    15.12.2012 22:54 #2

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