Report: 'Project X' was most pirated movie in 2012

Report: 'Project X' was most pirated movie in 2012
As is their annual tradition, TorrentFreak has posted a list of the most pirated movies in the year 2012.

Somewhat surprisingly, the most pirated film was 'Project X,' followed closely by the latest 'Mission Impossible.'

TF collects data for the list via several sources, most notably public and some private torrent trackers and includes all versions of the films, including cams all the way to Blu-rays. Obviously, the site cannot include figures from every possible source, so the list includes estimates.

Outside of the top spot, there were little other surprises on the list.

Check it here:

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Dec 2012 18:24
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  • ivymike

    I thought they can't reuse a movie title unless it's a remake.....Anyone remember the 1985 movie Project X starring Matthew Broderick???

    30.12.2012 20:36 #1

  • ddp


    30.12.2012 22:13 #2

  • zxe45

    On an average of 7 Million a film download, thats a lot world wide, But as stated, if it starts with CAMs and then blue ray, could the same people be downloading. So yes 7 Million copies where downloaded, buy around 3 million people, might be the real figures.

    2.1.2013 05:37 #3

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