Nintendo slashes sales forecasts

Nintendo slashes sales forecasts
Nintendo has slashed its sales forecasts for most of its devices, including the new Wii U system.

The gaming company says it expects to sell just 4 million Wii Us in the current fiscal year, down from their original estimate of 5.5 million. The fiscal year ends at the end of March, and the company stated it sold 3 million Wii Us as of January 1st.

On the software side, Nintendo downgraded sales for games to 16 million, down from 24 million expected.

Moving on to the next piece of hardware, Nintendo says it expects to sell 4 million Wii's, compared to previous estimates of 5 million. The Wii, launched in 2006, recently reached 100 million units sold, making it one of the most popular consoles of all-time.

Sales of the 3DS handheld will be 15 million, compared to 17.5 million estimated, and the DS series (DSi, etc) will come in light at 2.3 million compared to Nintendo's previous 2.5 million prediction.

The company now expects an operating loss of $220 million, compared to a predicted profit of $200 million.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Jan 2013 23:41
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  • KSib

    I'm waiting for games before I even consider buying it.

    30.1.2013 23:55 #1

  • Notcow Nintendo on a road to Bankruptcy? That would be a historically sad day.

    31.1.2013 10:46 #2

  • Menion

    No Nintendo is nowhere near bankruptcy! They are just giving more conservative forecasts of software sales relative to the economy and video game market in the economic downfall it has seen over the last few years. It is wise of a company to do so being when the annual reports come out the shareholders wont be shocked to see them miss their estimates by a mile; rather it looks better on paper when you hit your projected numbers.

    Every time M$ or Sony are on the verge of a new console everybody is always pointing at Nintendo stating they wont be around for much longer as if it were just a cool trend, when in reality Nintendo is still a very successful company in both the US And Japan and you can easily confirm that with their latest Annual reports and Sales growth

    1.2.2013 04:07 #3

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