Samsung and LG settle display patent dispute

Samsung and LG settle display patent dispute
Samsung Display and LG Display have agreed to settle outstanding display patent disputes with a verbal agreement.

The companies were in four separate litigations over display patents.

Samsung Display chief Kim Ki-nam and LG Display chief executive Han Sang-beom had a meeting in Seoul, and say they will "resolve the issue one by one."

This means the suits will likely be settled, with new licenses being agreed to without any need for fines or penalties.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 4 Feb 2013 22:43
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  • SomeBozo

    I hope it works, sure seem neat to see two CEO sit down and settle matters like two rational people should. Now how about a big group hug :)

    5.2.2013 00:12 #1

  • PraisesToAllah

    This is how REAL men settles disputes lol

    5.2.2013 00:46 #2

  • Bigwillyz

    Yeah Samsug (they spelled it wrong in the title) obviously has more class then Crapple did with their suit. They could have had a peaceful outcome but Crapple is too damn greedy and wants to sue everyone to make money, not earn it by beating them in the market........ The mindless drones need to wise up, it's really not that hard to see. Making something with features left out then periodically adding them in and selling it as something "new" every 6 months, come on get real

    5.2.2013 01:09 #3

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