Iceland is trying to ban Internet pornography

Iceland is trying to ban Internet pornography
The government of Iceland is drafting plans to ban Internet pornography (and print, as well) in an effort to block children from seeing violent sexual images.

Proposed originally by Interior Minister Ogmundur Jonasson, the draft has already caused an uproar, as opponents say the move would censor the Web and encourage even more authoritarian regimes.

Advocates feel differently: "When a 12-year-old types 'porn' into Google, he or she is not going to find photos of naked women out on a country field, but very hardcore and brutal violence," says Halla Gunnarsdottir, political adviser to the interior minister. "There are laws in our society. Why should they not apply to the Internet?"

Iceland already has a vaguely worded law that bans pornography in the nation, but the term "pornography" itself is not defined in the law, so it is never enforced. The new law would define pornography as "material with violent or degrading content."

Gunnarsdottir says the committee is still looking into how the ban could be effectively enforced. One possibility is a national filter or a blacklist, while another being discussed is banning paying for porn with Icelandic credit cards.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Feb 2013 22:07
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  • buddyleem

    I'm not a fan of censorship but its unreal how porn sites don't even have a warning screen

    Hack a bit, invest a bit, work a bit, jerk a bit

    26.2.2013 10:03 #1

  • dEwMe

    Is Iceland part of China or under sharia law?

    Just my $0.02,


    26.2.2013 12:48 #2

  • Ryberg360

    Iceland has internet?

    26.2.2013 12:55 #3

  • Interestx

    I have no issue with keeping porn from young children.

    However, this latest attempt at censorship (notice how it's always "violent" or "brutal" porn they now claim is ubiquitous) is absurd.

    Firstly we do not run everything on the basis of what is appropriate for children and we certainly don't ban anything else just because it isn't suitable for children.

    Secondly it seems to me that this is just the latest chapter in the tactics of a certain POV which first of all thinks sex is bad and secondly has no idea of - or wish to acknowledge that - most porn is fantasy.

    Lots of people (including several women I have know) like the fantasy of some S&M.
    Not one of them - or anyone else I have ever known - would ever have found real violence or brutality anything other than a total turn-off.

    26.2.2013 13:23 #4

  • ThePastor

    This type of ban would prevent someone from seeing THIS post about porn on the internet.

    It's all fine and good to want to "save the children", but you should not be doing it at the expense of everyone else.

    Want to save your children? Try banning THEM from the internet because the internet is a place of adult ideas and morals that that might not be compatible with your own sense of morality.

    Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

    26.2.2013 16:06 #5

  • Interestx


    It seems to me so much of this relates to the sort of lazy parenting that expects to sit a child down in front of a TV or PC and not have to give them any concentration & time or supervision.

    Get rid of that, that's pretty criminal in my mind.
    Stop blaming normal adult behaviours.

    26.2.2013 18:30 #6

  • adre02

    Hmmm? There are many kids seeing this live in their school system now a days. They need not go to the internet.

    This is superman

    27.2.2013 01:58 #7

  • Mr-Movies

    Originally posted by buddyleem: I'm not a fan of censorship but its unreal how porn sites don't even have a warning screen And a warning screen would do what? The kids would just click through to get to what they want.

    Originally posted by dEwMe: Is Iceland part of China or under sharia law? Nope, more like Sweden, but your close.

    28.2.2013 22:18 #8

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