Is Microsoft preparing for a Surface phone?

Is Microsoft preparing for a Surface phone?
Thanks to a new SEC filing, it appears that Microsoft may be ready to change its stance on creating a Surface-branded reference phone for Windows Phone 8.

Nokia made the filing, which is important as the company remains the top Windows Phone partner for Microsoft. Reads the filing: "Microsoft may make strategic decisions or changes that may be detrimental to us. For example, in addition to the Surface tablet, Microsoft may broaden its strategy to sell other mobile devices under its own brand, including smartphones. This could lead Microsoft to focus more on their own devices and less on mobile devices of other manufacturers that operate on the Windows Phone platform, including Nokia."

While the rest of the filing is standard disclosures about risk, the same wording was not used last year.

Microsoft is rumored to be in the concept stage of such a phone, despite long saying it would only make its own hardware as a "Plan B" to formal OEM partners.

(Mock via Verge)

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 10 Mar 2013 20:03
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  • PraisesToAllah

    Why do people constantly sell this crap that Android is a different market to windows phone? Its the same goddamn market: smart phones! Being the top WP OEM hasnít made Nokia into some kind of Samsung of WP, its made them into one of the small OEMs competing with Samsung, just like everyone else.

    10.3.2013 22:16 #1

  • A5J4DX


    11.3.2013 12:25 #2

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