UK retailer slashes Wii U price significantly to move stagnant stock

UK retailer slashes Wii U price significantly to move stagnant stock
Large (and bankrupt) UK retailer HMV has confirmed that it is slashing the price of the Wii U to help move stagnant stock.

The company is selling a custom Wii U Premium package, including both NintendoLand and ZombiU at 199.99, effectively a 140 discount from what the console was selling for, even without the zombie game.

HMV says the sale goes live on March 25 and is good as long as supplies last, which could be a while if the company still has as much inventory as expected.

There have been plenty of recent articles showing how little patience retailers around the globe have for the Wii U and its lackluster sales. Executives have allegedly claimed that even price cuts don't work, and Nintendo really needs to "act fast" before it's too late.

Asda, Amazon, ShopTo and GameStop have all already dropped the price of the console in the region by 50.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Mar 2013 16:21
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  • cpn1

    Exactly which Wii U package is it? I've got conflicting info. Most people say it is the Premium Nintendo Land package with a copy of Zombie U thrown in. You have a picture of the Premium Zombie U package with pro controller and a copy of Nintendo Land thrown in. Which one is it? Do you get the pro controller?

    25.3.2013 08:56 #1

  • KillerBug

    You could check their website...oh can't. Looking pretty bad for them if you can't even check their website to see what is in the store.

    Anyway, does it really matter what package they are selling for 40 pounds more than a PS3 with a huge library of games? Nintendo did really well last time making a last-gen console with a last-gen price...if they had stuck with that model (or made something to compete with the PS4/XboX Next) they would not be doing so poorly.

    25.3.2013 16:52 #2

  • plazma247

    The wii was only so popular due to the wave things around and smash ur nice new expensive tv fad, i dont know anyone who is still wii mad. Considering the size of the wii u, many die hard wii fans sti have rsi from the 1st console and have been told not to lift heavy objects... either that or having one game on two screens is just to much for the casual gamer to get there head around.

    28.3.2013 18:17 #3

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