T-Mobile USA launches new LTE network and new, cheap unlimited everything plans

T-Mobile USA launches new LTE network and new, cheap unlimited everything plans
As we reported earlier, T-Mobile USA used their major press event to reveal they will be offering the iPhone, including the iPhone 5.

However, that was not all the carrier had in store for customers, as it also unveiled a new LTE network and new monthly plans that offer significant savings when compared to bigger rivals AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

The 4G LTE service is available now in Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, California and Washington, D.C. The carrier says they expect to reach 100 million people by June and 200 million by the end of the year, putting it ahead of Sprint but still behind AT&T and Verizon which started their LTE rollouts in 2012. Many of those not in the LTE areas already have 4G HSPA+ network access, however, which offers speeds comparable to mid-end LTE.

Finally, the company unveiled its new unlimited everything plans, dubbed "Simple Choice." For $50 per month you get unlimited talk and text and 500MB of 4G data. After you reach the limit, speeds are reduced to EDGE (2G) speeds, but Web access does remain unlimited. For $60, you get unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data. For $70 per month you get truly unlimited everything, with no caps or overages or throttled speeds.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Mar 2013 0:57
Unlimited Data T-Mobile USA 4G LTE Simple Choice Plan
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  • ThePastor

    So, all this talk of a new, inexpensive service and they offer a service $10 cheaper but no subsidy on the phone?

    Where's the savings?
    I'm paying around $80 for my phone. I have more than enough talk and text and unlimited data. _And the phone is a Galaxy Note II_
    So, $10 a month extra, for 24 months = $240 for an $800 phone?

    I was hoping for a truly good plan... like unlimited or even just 5GB data for less than $50.

    Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

    27.3.2013 12:57 #1

  • hearme0

    Of course no subsidy on the phone. The fact that you even bring that up makes me think less of you........A LOT LESS!!

    1st....the pricing is meant to best that of the big boys like Verizon and ATT.

    2nd....no one on either of those two is getting any decent service regarding features and "unlimited" for 80 bucks so it's an even better deal.

    3rd.....no subsidy because the service is dramatically cheaper than the others.

    So don't complain about it not being a MORE significant savings on your existing bill when TMo is just a savings in and of itself.

    27.3.2013 13:57 #2

  • Mrguss

    $70 per month for unlimited everything (NO caps, overages or throttle) is no bad. Just saying.


    27.3.2013 15:38 #3

  • KillerBug

    They did this in the past. About two years ago I signed up for this program, buying the phone on installment payments with a downpayment. There was still a terms of service agreement but no contract on the service. The terms were that I would have 2gb of high speed internet and unlimited slower internet thereafter and 500 anytime minutes. Roaming was to be free for both voice and data. A year later I was running low on minutes so I upgraded to unlimited minutes for more money. It was at this point that I was put on a 2 year contract with the higher price designed to lower the price of the phone, and I was not informed of this at the time. Not long after this they lowered the speed after 2gb so low that webages simply gave an error saying the server was taking too long to respond. They then limited data on roaming (almost everywhere) to 100mb per month. Then they removed roaming all together, making the phone virtually useless. I need a cell phone for work so I had to terminate service. I figured it was a good thing that I never signed a contract...it was at this point I was informed that I was under a contract I was never informed about; any changes to service (or the end of a contract) automatically started a new two year contract! Not only did I have to pay a huge termination fee, but I also had to pay the remainder of the price of the phone that I never should have had to make payments on as I was on a contract plan. They then charged me for two more months of service just for good measure. I considered class action, but the contract they had me under prohibited class action.

    T-Mobile is up to their old tricks again, DON'T FALL FOR IT, THEY DON'T HONOR THEIR OWN AGREEMENTS

    27.3.2013 23:34 #4

  • Mrguss

    @ KillerBug:
    I always go in person to T-mo, to check & recheck my terms if any discrepancies happen on my monthly bill.

    Switching plans is not a good idea.
    Pay full price for the phone & choose your plan; is the best deal you can get. (Grab them by the balls in stead of the other way around)... just saying.


    30.3.2013 15:48 #5

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