NPD: Gaming industry continues trend with another double digit decline

NPD: Gaming industry continues trend with another double digit decline
According to NPD's latest figures, the video game industry saw another 10 percent year-over-year drop, continuing the trend of double digit declines.

Gamers spent just $992.5 million on consoles, software and accessories for the month of March, down from $1.1 billion last year.

While the trend itself is very disheartening for the industry, it is important to note that the reports do not include digital sales, which have become very popular especially through outlets like Xbox Live. Additionally, the PS4 and Xbox Next will launch later this year, so gamers are shrewdly staying away from purchases as they wait on the new contenders.

As has become commonplace, hardware sales saw the biggest decline, down 32 percent to $221.6 million. Software sales were up 2 percent to $602.4 million, a nice reprieve.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Apr 2013 0:42
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  • lamain

    I am spending plenty on PC games.

    19.4.2013 01:36 #1

  • molsen

    NO kidding. Make games people want to play and not rehash ones, like COD. I must admit I am a sheep and bought the latesest COD for online play only. I haven't really played through the game itself. I am part of the problem, but there are not that many titles to get at $50 a pop. I knokw it sounds like a contradiction, but I know what is wrong, yet I contribute to it.

    Being a parent I also look for interactive games, like kinext ones for my kid. I like those as well, which seem decent for some thing she does, but not for other aspects.

    19.4.2013 06:45 #2

  • Ofnir1

    Originally posted by molsen: I know it sounds like a contradiction, but I know what is wrong, yet I contribute to it. Sounds like cognitive dissonance. Admittedly, I have the first 4 CoDs for Xbox 360. Two I had bought used and the other two were holiday presents. CoD can be fun at times, but there's waaay better games out there, by far and large.

    As a recommendation, if you like first-person games with a strong narrative, Deus Ex: Human Revolution will not be a disappointment.

    19.4.2013 08:46 #3

  • InfiniteI

    I'm spending plenty on PC games as well, but generally they are digital downloads (Steam, etc). The industry will need to take this into consideration as that's the direction game purchases are taking. There is no motivation to buy them retail when I can get it at the same price or lower as a download and not have to leave the house.

    That said, a bigger problem is the video game developers. They are focusing too much energy on DRM schemes which make it a complete pain for legit customers like me to enjoy a game I bought. I spent a week not being able to play Crysis 2 on a newly installed computer after EA decided that I had activated it too many times. Ironically enough the only option left if you want to play a game you PURCHASED is to download a pirate crack for it.

    P.S. Ofnir1, I agree. Deus Ex: HR was an awesome game. Worth every penny.

    19.4.2013 08:57 #4

  • Bigwillyz

    One problem though on the digital download front is just that, no hard copy. Me like alot of people out there want that in your hand feeling, especially me being a collector and buying the collectors edition of certain franchises. There is nothing like unwrapping a new game, plus on top of that when your done you have the option of recouping some of the loses by reselling it. I really like the latter of those, being how your spending $63 a game after tax, sometimes more. It's going to be an interesting year in the gaming industry

    20.4.2013 03:55 #5

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