Verizon quietly increases data limits for prepaid plans

Verizon quietly increases data limits for prepaid plans
Verizon has quietly increased the data limits for its new prepaid plans, with the changes taking place June 6th.

The plans, which cost $60 and $70, respectively, had originally offered unlimited talk, text and 500MB or 2GB of data.

Now, the plans will offer 2GB or 4GB, for the same price.

Existing customers will not have to do anything but new customers will have to wait until June 6th.

The prepaid plans are restricted to 3G and do not include the new fast LTE service making the plans less attractive than similar ones from T-Mobile and Sprint.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 May 2013 10:38
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  • hearme0


    First selfless and non-jagoff thing that Verizon has done in a long time.......of course it comes with caveats but hey.......................That's Verizon; arrogant and greedy. The worst of ALL the cellular providers in this respect.

    23.5.2013 14:37 #1

  • Blessedon

    Poor or rich, I have never met - nor even heard of - a person (companies and corporations are run by people) who did not want more.
    'Greed' is a propaganda word, used to besmirch a target, for what is the desire to succeed that is natural to us all.

    @hearme0, likely you will retaliate for my pointing out that you have been brainwashed. Most people do. However,if you can pause to consider that MOST of the rich got there by hard work, then it is easy to see that being rich is good - and good for us all.

    Please consider purchasing Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics, available in it's 4th edition on Ebay. It is a small investment that I hope you will find enlightening.

    24.5.2013 07:41 #2

  • NeoGeoz

    @Blessedon, your comment that "MOST" of the rich got there by hard work only shows your ignorance. That is not true at all and any moron can do the research to find the facts. Maybe you have been brainwashed? MOST of the rich got there by inheriting their wealth - they did not do a damn thing, personally, to earn it. That's why our forefathers tried to implement guards against small groups accumulating vast wealth. It's an ages old problem and very bad for a Democracy.

    The small number who actually work are often rich scions of wealthy families who just "walk into" their jobs based purely on their family connections and wealth, not their skills or hard work. The vast majority do no real work at all (and are mostly unknown, private individuals).

    Yes, there are many entrepreneurs who have worked hard and succeed at becoming wealthy and kudos to them, but they are a very small minority - the vast majority of the rich did nothing and do nothing.

    Wake up!

    1.6.2013 09:55 #3

  • Blessedon

    Easy to spot the brainwashed liberal; all name calling, no facts.

    1.6.2013 11:54 #4

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