New Argentine rules force Google to stop accepting payment from paid apps

New Argentine rules force Google to stop accepting payment from paid apps
Google has confirmed that developers in Argentina will soon be receiving letters from the search giant stating that "Google Play will no longer be able to accept payments on behalf of developers registered in Argentina starting June 27, 2013."

The new move will apply to both in-app purchases on free apps and paid apps.

Argentina recently passed new restrictive regulations on currency exchanges, leading to the move. Argentine developers have taken to Twitter and other outlets to complaint about the changes, but there is really not too much to be done at the time.

Final payments will be made on July 22nd, and apps will be pulled on the 27th. If developers want to keep their apps in the store they will have to transfer their account to another country, a convenient loophole to get around the restrictions.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 May 2013 14:03
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  • megadunderhead

    this doesn't surprise me they did this in the u.s they limited the amount that you can charge on your phone bill on a android device so you could only purchase certain apps at a certain price point what makes this stupid is these developers will just leave the country or stay in the country and keep there profits for themselves because you cannot tax a developer if there account is in another country ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so looks like your rules and regulations are worthless again

    28.5.2013 08:45 #1

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