Samsung rolls out $13,000 curved 55-inch OLED TV

Samsung rolls out $13,000 curved 55-inch OLED TV
As expected, Samsung has rolled out its curved 55-inch OLED TV in South Korea, jumping into a niche market after rival LG Electronics.

While it is great to see organic light-emitting diode TVs on the market, Samsung has warned that industry forecasts might be a bit optimistic. DisplaySearch had forecast that over 50,000 OLED TVs will be sold this year, rising to 600,000 in 2014 and up to 7 million in 2016.

However, LG has had a 55-inch curved OLED (and an non-curved OLED) on the market since January and is estimated to have only sold a few hundred so far.

OLED screens consist of thousands of self-emitting diodes, providing brighter and better quality pictures while consuming less powered than a comparably sized LCD screen with a backlight. Production is more complex than LCD panels however, meaning that for the moment they must remain toys for high-end consumers.

"We are proud to be able to deliver on our promise of bringing our Curved OLED TV to the market," said Hyunsun Kim, Executive Vice President, Samsung Visual Display, Samsung Electronics.

"With this product, we're able to offer consumers an immersive viewing experience and flawless picture quality. The Curbed OLED TV is a ground-breaking, future-proof product that pioneers a new era of TV viewing."

Samsung Curved OLED TV is now available in Korea at major outlets retailing for KRW 15 million.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 27 Jun 2013 6:17
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  • bhetrick

    Hmmm... without them (general consumer) putting too much thought in to it, I could see people thinking they'd want a curved panel for a tv.

    But then when you do stop and think about it, just how effective would it be having one (again, as a tv)? Viewing angles; forget about it. You'd have to be sitting directly in front of it. And the benefit of it being curved will only work if the viewer is sitting fairly close to it.

    It seems like it'd have a more prominent market with the pc community.

    ... SEEMS...

    But again, once you start thinking about it, would people really want such a large, curved, monitor?

    Sure, I'd LOVE to replace my tri-monitor surround setup with a single, large, curved monitor (got to be at least a 4k monitor, though).

    But then what do I do if/when an issue arises with the panel? With a single large monitor setup, I'm left with no display until I can get it repaired/replaced. At least with a multi-monitor setup, I still have my other panels while I get the troubled one addressed.

    Yes, I do understand that with the price point of these curved monitors, people buying them would apparently have the funds to simply get a replacement right away. But I'm not talking about these curved panels at their current price point. Costs will come down. I'm talking about just the usage of these curved monitors in general.

    28.6.2013 11:19 #1

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