Vancouver startup offering cheap gigabit Internet

Vancouver startup offering cheap gigabit Internet
OneGigabit, a new Vancouver-based startup, will offer fiber Internet speeds of one gigabit, equal to Google's pilot speeds in the U.S., and over 60 times faster than the average Canadian household.

More importantly, the company will charge only $45 to $65 per month, with no bandwidth caps.

It was recently reported that the average monthly Canadian Internet bill is $54 and the average downstream speed is 16.6 Mbit/s. A gigabit connection will have speeds of up to 1000 Mbit/s.

Fiber connections remain limited in Canada, as only certain neighborhoods have availability. The big three Canadian ISPs, known to be complete ripoffs no matter what they offer, sell fiber packages with download speeds of up to 250 Mbit/s for $115-$200 per month.

OneGigabit and its founder Eric Kunkhe plan to negotiate with real estate owners and developers in an effort to expand fiber connections to more citizens.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 7 Jul 2013 12:23
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  • Mysttic

    Makes me wish I lived in Vancouver but with lucky hopefully they'll expand. It's utter bs what we pay in Canada, I have fibre so I one of the lucky ones, but I do pay out the tits for it. What they are offering is far cheaper than the crap I pay for.

    7.7.2013 17:14 #1

  • ddp

    Mysttic, are you on bell?

    7.7.2013 19:48 #2

  • Jemborg

    Good on you mate.

    We need this sort of perspective in Oz.


    Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

    7.7.2013 22:56 #3

  • bhetrick

    Sounds like good news for you guys up North.

    8.7.2013 09:21 #4

  • kutulu1

    I'm with Bell and I constantly get nailed with overage fees. I wish there was more competition.

    11.7.2013 22:33 #5

  • aldan

    wonder how many years it will take to get up here to the sunny okanagan.oh well,cant complain too much about shaw.

    12.7.2013 22:37 #6

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