Bitcasa now available in Europe

Bitcasa now available in Europe
Bitcasa has launched its infinite cloud storage solution in Europe.

The offering, unlimited cloud storage space, will cost 7/8 per month or 55/60 per year if you sign up before August 31st. Afterwards, the price will permanently be 20 percent higher.

Here is some background on Bitcasa (which is a relatively small company still). Bitcasa is a start-up begun by former execs at Mastercard, VeriSign and Mozy and is the latest entrant to the cloud storage market. What makes Bitcasa different is that the service offers you truly infinite storage. In fact, when you add your first folder, you are told that you have over 500TB of remaining free space, and the start-up says that number is only there because Windows and Mac machines cannot display higher numbers.

The company's CEO says it can offer unlimited storage, "because 60 percent of their data is identical." Simply, when you "cloudify" a music track or movie, the chances are someone else has the same exact track or movie on their computer. Bitcasa uses "patented de-duplication algorithms, compression techniques, and encryption" to identify duplicate files and therefore the company only keeps a couple, (or even one) of of the files in its servers. By doing so, the company can keep its costs significantly down and offer infinite storage to its users.

All data is safe, as every upload is encrypted and protected on the server side, meaning no one but you can ever access it, including employees of the company or "snooping" media companies.

Read our review of the US version here: Bitcasa Review

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Jul 2013 22:36
BitCasa Cloud Storage
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  • bseeds

    Can 1000 users play the same music file at the same time?

    24.7.2013 00:15 #1

  • death-s

    Originally posted by bseeds: Can 1000 users play the same music file at the same time? Why wouldn't that be possible? If it's only reading there's no reason to fail.

    5.8.2013 07:56 #2

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