Microsoft makes developer preview of IE11 available for Windows 7 users

Microsoft makes developer preview of IE11 available for Windows 7 users
Microsoft has made its Internet Explorer 11 browser available as a developer preview for Windows 7 users.

The browser will be built into the upcoming Windows 8.1, and then made fully available for Windows 7.

With over 700 million Windows 7 users in the world, keeping the operating system updated with the latest software is a key part of Microsoft's strategy.

While the versions are similar, the Windows 7 IE11 preview will be missing some of the features of its Windows 8.1 version.

ZD has those differences listed:

-In the Windows 7 version of IE11, the URL bar remains at the top of the browser (like it is with IE10 on Windows 7). IE11 for Windows 8.1 puts the URL bar at the bottom.
-Support for up to 100 simultaneously opened tabs per window isn't enabled in IE11 on Windows 7. (Officials said this is because IE11 on Windows 7 is a desktop/Win32 app, not a "modern"/Metro-Style one.)
-IE11 on Windows 7 won't support for premium video extensions like the 8.1 version does. "There are many solutions available for Windows 7 customers to stream and view protected content online, those methods will continue to function for customers," a spokesperson confirmed. (Read: Silverlight and Flash.)
-No support for Google's SPDY protocol (the precursor to HTTP 2.0) in IE11 on Windows 7. IE11 on Windows 8.1 does support SPDY.
-IE11 on Windows 7 will not support Enhanced Protected Mode browser security enhancements. (IE10 on Windows 7 didn't, either.)
-The UI Responsiveness tab is disabled in the F12 developer tools. However, support for this will be coming by the time the final version of IE11 for Windows 7 is released, thanks to "an update to the underlying Windows 7 platform."

Download it here: Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview (64-bit)

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Jul 2013 23:23
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  • 1nsan3

    lol windows 11 is not gonna be a full featured browser.. its a generik web browser thats always been free with all windows, yet they are only gonna allow a little but of a preview when they release it,

    i havent used internet explorer since way back in the netscape days.
    i will never use it since no matter what version, it always has security flaws and is NEVER as secure as firefox, or chrome.
    you will regret it.

    27.7.2013 20:52 #1

  • aldan

    yeah a pig by any other name would still be internet explorer.

    27.7.2013 23:06 #2

  • drhanaba

    I use IE exclusively, and I go to any site I desire without worry. My firewall and Security Essential have protected me so far. So, knock (knock, knock)on wood! Sorry the rest of you got the IE lemons!

    2.8.2013 20:38 #3

  • ddp

    i use ie8 both on my xp & win7 computers.

    2.8.2013 21:25 #4

  • rudeann

    Ever since I quit using IE, I have not had to reformat my machine.
    While I was still using IE I had to reformat at least three times a year. While I got very experienced with the reformat process, I never have enjoyed having to actually go through it.

    Firefox for me - and paid third-party versions of firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware applications.

    It's bad enough that all MS operating systems have always been riddled with flaws, so I won't depend on MS to attempt to provide adequate protection. If they can't build a reliable and stable os, why would anyone think that they can successfully protect their leaky platforms?

    2.8.2013 23:05 #5

  • ddp

    the problem with windows is it is a compromise operating system in that it has to work with hardware manufacturers A-Z & software manufacturers A-Z & nothing made by man works perfectly.

    2.8.2013 23:51 #6

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