Vodafone hack hits two million customers

Vodafone hack hits two million customers
Vodafone Germany has revealed that personal details of two million of its customers were exposed in a hack.

The information gained by the hacker included names, addresses, back account numbers and birth dates, but did not include phone numbers, PIN numbers, credit card details or passwords.

"Vodafone deeply regrets the incident and apologises to all those affected," the operator said in a statement/

The information was stolen from a database on the Vodafone Germany's internal network.

It is not clear when the attack took place, as Vodafone was asked by police to delay notification to customers while an investigation was underway. A suspect has since been identified and police carried out a raid on a house, prompting Vodafone Germany to notify affected customers.

Vodafone has 36 million customers in Germany.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 13 Sep 2013 21:45
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