WP7: No more Skype updates

WP7: No more Skype updates
Microsoft will provide no more updates for Skype on Windows Phone 7, the Skype blog has revealed.

The Skype for Windows Phone 8 app has been getting quite a few updates as of late. It was the first Skype mobile app to offer HD video calling, and more recently, the Windows Phone 8 app got a new Video Messaging feature that allows you to record and leave video messages for contacts when they are offline.

Given that the majority of Skype's Windows Phone base is running Windows Phone 8, there will no longer be any Skype updates for the older Windows Phone 7.

"As we look ahead to the future, we are focusing all our efforts to bring great experiences and improved performance to Windows Phone 8, building on the capabilities of the platform," The Skype blog reads.

"As a result we are not planning to release further updates to Skype for Windows Phone 7."

The Skype app for Windows Phone 7 will remain available for download in the Windows Phone Store.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 20 Sep 2013 23:31
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  • SomeBozo

    Interesting to see as M$ starts phasing out Win7 how customer sat is gonna go into the toilet...

    Seems annoying as hell that Win8 has been hated by so many customers that M$ is now gonna start strong handing everyone to downgrade to Win8 by hook or by crook...

    21.9.2013 03:10 #1

  • Xian

    That's been the typical Microsoft pattern for some time - forced obsolescence and leveraging one product to sell another. You have to upgrade to get this feature or to run this application. For example, Windows Vista was required for DirectX 10, when there was really not a technical boundary that couldn't have been overcome to run on XP.

    21.9.2013 11:48 #2

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