Grand Theft Auto V crashing older Xbox 360s

Grand Theft Auto V crashing older Xbox 360s
There appears to be multiple reports that older Xbox 360 consoles are having trouble playing Grand Theft Auto V.

The issue seems to involve Xbox 360 consoles manufactured or refurbished between 2006 and 2008. Players report that they cannot play for more than thirty minutes without the game freezing up the console.

"I've probably reinstalled the game about 10 times now," a player reported at GTA Forums.

"I'm thinking it might be my 20GB HDD? After I installed the game I probably [have] a couple hundred MB left. Could it possibly be a problem that I don't have enough excess memory after the install?"

Other users report that they have run into the same problem even on larger capacity drives.

"Same problem here. Xbox from 2006, original 20gb model, sent in for repairs in 2009 for RROD," said another user.

"I bought a 250 gb hard drive for it, but otherwise it's the same console I've had for years. I can't play for more than 30 minutes without the game freezing on me, and I've tried every troubleshooting step I've seen here and on other websites."

Kotaku has gathered together a bunch of similar reports and suggestions that might fix the problem, but the common thing is the involvement of older Xbox 360 consoles.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 22 Sep 2013 19:02
Grand Theft Auto V
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  • Mysttic

    Thankfully not happening on every single one. Mine is first gen 2006 model, and I played up to 10 hour sessions at a time. Yes I have no life, go me! Mind you I do know how to take apart my 360 and clean it periodically as frig do consoles ever get dirty.

    22.9.2013 20:07 #1

  • ddp

    is that a heating issue on the gpu causing the problem like on pc's?

    22.9.2013 20:21 #2

  • Mysttic

    Originally posted by ddp: is that a heating issue on the gpu causing the problem like on pc's? I would just assume they are doing a full install which was advised by Rockstar do not do. Again though I have done a full install so who's to say, but GPU or CPU overload would be the primary suspects.

    22.9.2013 20:23 #3

  • Morreale

    Guess I'll be buying this for my PS3... Eventually.

    ***\\\//****\\\ ****\\\****

    22.9.2013 21:04 #4

  • A5J4DX

    thats what you get for owning an xbox :P

    22.9.2013 21:44 #5

  • DarthMopar

    This sounds like a heat issue to me. Or maybe earlier models had a different type of RAM?

    22.9.2013 22:11 #6

  • Mysttic

    Quote:thats what you get for owning an xbox :P
    Similar issues have been reported to Rockstar if you buy the digital version for PS3s: so it's not just Xbox but likely how the code was compiled for the game.

    23.9.2013 07:41 #7

  • jookycola

    It's far less a problem on PS3. So much so that it's not even news worthy. This game is just to graphically complex for the Xbox360 plain and simple. Let's not be fanboys and just admit the 360 is a cheap piece of crap, with the weakest specs, and oldest technology. They NEEDED to make XBOne to stay relevant and somewhat competitive. The PS3 could go another 3 years without the need for a PS4. That comes from a GAMER. I don't fanboy lust over one brand or console more. I like them both but the facts are the facts.

    The only reason 360 is so dominant this gen was Sony's insane PS3 launch prices. Xbox was not the spec/technology leader it was the value leader. It's like saying a Chrysler 300 is just as good or better than a MB S-Class because there are more 300's on the road. Simply not true.

    25.9.2013 14:00 #8

  • sternrulez

    Good thing I read this...was just about to buy it the other day. I think I'll wait for a definitive fix before purchase. I never planned on a full install anyway, but I'm not taking any

    29.9.2013 09:25 #9

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