YouTube app for Windows Phone takes a step backwards

YouTube app for Windows Phone takes a step backwards
Microsoft has updated its YouTube app for Windows Phone, but don't be fooled as it has turned into nothing more than a shortcut to the YouTube mobile site.

If you have been following the Windows Phone YouTube App saga, you know that Microsoft and Google got into a public fight over apps developed and made available for the Microsoft platform. At one point, Microsoft's YouTube app featured no advertisements at all, and allowed users to download videos from the service, both in violation of YouTube policies.

Google eventually blocked out the app and made demands of Microsoft to remedy the situation, but so far they have failed to reach a point of agreement over an app.

Microsoft accuses Google of double standards by demanding that it make a HTML5 app, but not requiring the same of apps made for its own Android OS, or Apple's iOS.

Microsoft's latest YouTube app update suggests that Microsoft has given up, as it does little more than redirect to the YouTube mobile site. Tapping the YouTube icom will literally just redirect you to

Written by: James Delahunty @ 8 Oct 2013 3:36
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  • lamain

    I still do not understand why anyone would need a app for YouTube. This idea of a different program for each task is just confusing and annoying.

    8.10.2013 12:19 #1

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