Is Apple already slashing iPhone 5C production?

Is Apple already slashing iPhone 5C production?
According to multiple reports, Apple is preparing to slash production on its iPhone 5C, moving down to 150,000 units per day from as much as 300,000 per day before launch.

By one measure, (China's gray market), the iPhone 5C has already been priced way down to $500, much lower than Apple's $725 retail price in the nation.

Apple said opening weekend they had sold 9 million new iPhones, but did not break down how many were iPhone 5S and how many were iPhone 5C.

Most reports claim at least 6 million of the devices sold were the higher-end 5S models.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 10 Oct 2013 20:10
Apple iPhone 5C
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  • Qliphah

    Wasn't hard to see this one coming, the only people in China that would buy one would of course get the more expensive model or else they would get a much much cheaper knockoff or android. Here in the US that may change but still C means cheap and nobody is comfortable with apple being associated with cheap. It would be like Ferrari commissioning Ford to make their latest model but telling them to use only plastic on the interior and lowest bidder parts for the rest, it's bad for the name, it's bad for the customer, and it's certainly bad for profits.

    11.10.2013 14:06 #1

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