Microsoft: We are not killing the 'back' button in Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft: We are not killing the 'back' button in Windows Phone 8.1
Despite reports that Microsoft was considering killing off the standard 'back' button in Windows Phone with the upcoming release of 8.1, the rumors are not entirely true.

The hardware requirement for the button is likely to disappear, but Microsoft will still replace that with an on-screen equivalent.

In addition, Microsoft is experimenting with removing the hardware requirement for Start and search, as well, as it will help OEMs save slightly on hardware costs. Those buttons will be replaced with virtual ones, as well.

The move will be well known to Android device owners, as they went through a similar transition starting in 2010.

Microsoft continues to test apps that use the back button to ensure functionality still works, before making a decision, say the sources.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Oct 2013 16:54
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  • Qliphah

    Well this would fall in line with them wanting to have dual-OS phones. Still a stupid idea, but losing the hardware buttons was the best move android made to pull together some of the fragmentation.

    17.10.2013 08:49 #1

  • min5sevaan

    So much bad news from Microsoft this year, they really are losing it.

    31.10.2013 04:51 #2

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