Microsoft targets Google again over Gmail privacy

Microsoft targets Google again over Gmail privacy
Microsoft is back attacking Google services again, with a new webpage and PDF that shows how Google uses content from e-mails to deliver ads.

On the "Keep Your Email Private" page, Microsoft is offering a PDF with information on "how they do it", as well as some screenshots showing ads that are strikingly similar to the content of emails.

For example, one screenshot shows how a mention of "Caribbean" and "South Africa" brought up ads for a Thompson Caribbean Holiday and cheap flights to South African locations. Another email that mentioned divorce proceedings produced an ad for legal advice.

"All email service providers protect your inbox by scanning for spam, phishing attempts and malware, but not all email providers use the words from your email to show you ads," Microsoft's document reads.

By scanning all of your sent and received email messages to display targeted ads, Microsoft said that people who have never even used the service are caught up in Google's advertising reach.

Of course, Microsoft's primary goal is to get users to switch to Outlook.

Have a look:

Written by: James Delahunty @ 5 Nov 2013 18:09
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  • bigfamei

    Pot, Kettle, Black, thumbs down.

    6.11.2013 04:42 #1

  • GryphB

    This is what a free service does to make its' money so it can get you to sign up. If it is free, they are finding ways to make money using you as the product.

    If you don't want your emails scanned, then you pony up the money.

    6.11.2013 08:59 #2

  • b854th2

    As if it's extremely difficult to label it Spam or hit the delete button.

    8.11.2013 12:09 #3

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