Amazon sells Pebble smartwatch for $150, sells out quickly

Amazon sells Pebble smartwatch for $150, sells out quickly
Amazon users in the U.S. were able to buy the Pebble smartwatch today for Black Friday, but the device quickly sold out.

Selling, on sale for $150, the smartwatch is still available on Pebble's official site, although without Prime shipping.

The Kickstarter crowdfunded watch is available in black, grey, red, orange, and white.

Outside of Amazon and Pebble, the smartwatch is available at Best Buy, as well.

Although very buggy at launch, the device recently updated to add iOS 7 Notification Center integration, allowing for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram alerts, a huge boost in functionality for the watch.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 29 Nov 2013 21:15
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  • scopex

    How is it on sale if it's selling for 150 USD in the first place?

    Never mind, missed the "official site" part

    5.12.2013 15:44 #1

  • ddp

    english not your born langage?

    5.12.2013 21:22 #2

  • scopex

    Originally posted by ddp: english not your born langage? My bad, I guess I missed the "official site" part. but still, sold out? I'm surprised. Why not just buy from the official site instead?

    5.12.2013 22:04 #3

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