Netflix will stream next House of Cards season in 4K, more 4K updates coming at CES

Netflix will stream next House of Cards season in 4K, more 4K updates coming at CES
Netflix has announced it will stream the second season of 'House of Cards' in 4K Ultra HD, and the company has promised more 4K updates for next month's CES event.

Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt says 4K content will be available through smart TV apps available on upcoming 4K TVs, and the manufacturers will be named at CES: "We're not naming specific manufacturers, but we have several of the major TV vendors who are going to be producing 4K capable TVs they'll be announcing them at CES."

Unfortunately, your new PS4 and Xbox One will not have the functionality for the time being: "The new game consoles may eventually be 4K-capable but the ability to take 4K out of the box and drop it into a separate television is lacking some standards and HDMI 2.0, and it's just a little premature. So we probably will see that, but right now we're talking about 4K Netflix built into the smart TV."

Besides House of Cards, the company expects to have a large 4K category in the future, as well. "The trick here is that since it's going to take a while until there is a material catalogue in 4K, it's important for us to get out front and begin to push it," says Hunt. "We're one of the few folk working all the way through from soup to nuts we've got the original content production on one end, and we're working closely with the CE manufacturers on the other end, and we've got the whole delivery pipeline in between. So I think we can be instrumental in beginning the shift of production towards 4K."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Dec 2013 12:48
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  • Jemborg

    So it looks like 4K will be the future. It seems like the commitment is there.

    I guess I could be wrong and showing my age but things may plateau at 4K for a while on the home scene. It kind of strains delivery media, looks incredible, can deliver great 3d... I suppose framerates will improve.

    It's a bummer here in Oz because the new conservative gov, lacking vision, has pulled the plug on the optic fibre to the home National Broadband Network.


    Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

    23.12.2013 09:00 #1

  • Mrguss

    I think Hologram-Projection could arrive & be successful/accepted first; That 3D (Tech from the 50's.) ever be successful/accepted. (Even without glasses)

    Just saying.


    23.12.2013 18:46 #2

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