Softbank/Sprint getting closer to bidding on T-Mobile USA

Softbank/Sprint getting closer to bidding on T-Mobile USA
According to reports, Japanese carrier Softbank, the parent of Sprint, is in the final stages of talks with T-Mobile USA parent Deutsche Telekom over acquiring the U.S.' fourth largest carrier.

The deal would be worth just over $19 billion and would be funded using shares of Sprint, say the sources. Softbank wants to purchase the majority of T-Mobile's shares, which trade publicly.

Deutsche Telekom is said to prefer a cash deal over a share swap, however, which could add time to the negotiations. Softbank has also spoken to numerous banks about funding for such a cash deal.

A merger of the two companies could possibly break the current U.S. duopoly of Verizon and AT&T, as a combined T-Mobile/Sprint/MetroPCS would have about 99 million subscribers. Both AT&T and Verizon have over 110 million subscribers each.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Dec 2013 21:00
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  • DDR4life

    No. This is a horrible idea. My sister and I had Sprint. (She a lot longer than I.) She was constantly complaining about poor reception and dropped calls. From my experience, the service was so bad, I decided to keep it until my contract was up and chose not to renew (I didn't want to pay a cancellation fee). Afterward I went with T-Mobile and have enjoyed every bit of it for the last seven years, thank you very much.

    I would rather not end up as the T-Mobile equivalent of the Nextel user. Remember them? Sprint acquired Nextel and then quickly dismantled them. The last thing I need is Sprint buying up my carrier then casually informing me that I need to "upgrade" to a crappy-ass cdma device.

    No... just no.

    27.12.2013 17:10 #1

  • hearme0

    Pipe down with your nonsense 'hear-say' crap! This is one of the best mergers EVER! Both services are decent and together phenomenal!

    Stop passing opinions on OLD info from what 1 other person experienced! It sounds like you didn't experience anything bad with Sprint by the way you totally emphasized your sister's bad experience rather than yours.

    When was the last time you used Sprint? Or T-mobile?


    Having had T-mo for 9 years and my fiancee having Sprint for 12 and PLUS my having had Verizon for 4 before that........AND having many many friends (as I'm sure you and all others have as well) with a combination of all 4......ALL services are equally shotty depending on where you're at.

    Verizon sucks in Bolingbrook, IL

    T-mobile sucks outside of major metro areas

    Sprint sucks a little in both

    ATT sucks equally everywhere with dead spots in the most unlikely of areas.

    Learn to remain objective! I bet you're the type of person that refuses to go to a restaurant that has overwhelmingly fantastic reviews just because your 'friend' or relative gave a single bad review.

    I'm bored......just wanted to vent to a putz!!

    28.12.2013 11:02 #2

  • molsen

    I have had sprint for many years. I must say it is ok at best. I couldn't receive a call inside my shop and that was annoying. I switched to VZ and have been happy. T Mobil has a great idea, just no love from the parent company. I wish Cingular was around. I liked the plans they offered before AT&T took them over.

    29.12.2013 08:28 #3

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