CES 2014: Sony officially launches 'PlayStation Now' cloud gaming, DVR, VOD service for mobile, TV

CES 2014: Sony officially launches 'PlayStation Now' cloud gaming, DVR, VOD service for mobile, TV
Sony has used CES to unveil the highly-anticipated 'PlayStation Now' cloud gaming service for TVs and mobile devices.

The service will allow gamers to stream PlayStation games on the PS4, PS3, PlayStation Vita, tablets, smartphones and TVs.

Sony purchased cloud gaming technology co. Gaikai in June 2012, so Sony's service has been widely expected for some time. The service allows for rentals of games, or if you have a subscription you can "explore a range of titles."

A closed beta will launch in the U.S. later this month, with a full rollout expected by the end of the summer, although Europe seems to have some hurdles: "When it comes to broadband provision, Europe is a considerably more complex region, with a huge number of different providers and varying connection speeds from country to country. In short, we need a little more time to ensure a smooth and successful roll-out."

Somehow, Sony has figured out a way to have their server farms emulate PlayStation 3 games, but latency (lag) will likely still be an issue depending on your Internet connection. Online multiplayer, trophies and messages are also supported. Besides games, the cloud service will include VOD and DVR functionality.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 7 Jan 2014 21:26
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  • borhan9

    I just read this and i have to say i am a fan of this when it does hit the Aussie shores.
    I just hope the VOD feature does not have extra cost to it well ok have extra cost but no restrictions like if you purchase the VOD its yours not limit to how many times you watch it etc.. or what you can do with the content.
    I guess we have to wait and watch this space.

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