Rare NES title sells for over $99,000 on eBay

Rare NES title sells for over $99,000 on eBay
Earlier this week, eBay user muresan began an auction for the extremely rare "Nintendo World Championships" game for the original NES.

There were only 116 copies of the game created, and it was never sold to consumers. The game was given out to gamers in 1990 at a special event where fans competed in games like Tetris and Super Mario.

Read the auction:

This is your chance to own the Super RARE Nintendo World Championship Cart for the NES!!!! As you can see by the pictures, this is an authentic, true to life original cart; no reproduction cart here.

Obviously, you'll immediately notice the ripped label. This is quite unfortunate but happened many decades ago by this point in time. No one knows the exact number of this cart (as each NWC cart was individually labeled upon production) as it appears in the upper left-hand corner of the cart label. This is known as the infamous "Mario" NWC cart that someone probably wrote on there long ago not having a clue what they actually had. Still, case in point, this is an authentic, original NWC cart from the championship back in the early 90s. The cart plays just fine and may some day be worth much more if someone decides to investigate a forensics lab's involvement to see if they can determine the official number by running tests on the cart.

A must for Nintendo collectors, which I can attest to since I've been one for over 25 years. Those that walk in NES circles will relate my name with honesty and integrity but feel free to ask for references if you doubt my authenticity. These carts are near impossible to find anywhere so don't let this pass you by! All my games are in working order.

It appears eager fans believed the auctioneer as the game rose in price drastically in the last two days, finally settling at over $99,000.

Check the game and auction here.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Jan 2014 19:20
eBay Nintendo World Championships
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  • GryphB

    People have way too much money and time on their hands.

    25.1.2014 20:13 #1

  • Menion

    For some reason the press got a hold of this when it went up on auction which i believe triggered the bidding wars, I'm willing to bet the seller won't be receiving that money and it will be a re listing non paying buyer. The cart itself is in terrible condition vs the ones I have seen in the past sell for and the Highest I have seen this cart go for was about $22k and that was with the label perfectly in tact, not to mention any real collector knows the Gold version is much rarer.

    26.1.2014 02:55 #2

  • 21Q

    That cannot be a real price. Ive seen them sell for 15,000 at MAX. Then there is one on craigslist near me for 10,000.

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    26.1.2014 15:32 #3

  • Dragon3000

    Jeez! just download the emulator and rom!

    28.1.2014 03:27 #4

  • xboxdvl2

    its rumoured the buyer has already backed out claiming his 2year old son placed the bid.

    also rumoured is that around 1200 of the cartridges were made but only 90 went public and another 26 that were made gold,its unknown where the others ended up.

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    28.1.2014 04:53 #5

  • Jemborg

    Haha, I thought it said $99.00. I wondered what all the fuss was about. lol

    Update: it went for $99,902.00 and there were a variety of bidders.

    Update update: There's a gold one on ebay RIGHT NOW that's actively being bid on by a variety of bidders for, wait for it... US $100,088.00!

    There's a lot of naughty 2 year-olds out there :)


    Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

    28.1.2014 08:24 #6

  • dEwMe

    Yeah eBay sucks for these huge fake bids. They should start requiring a 10% or so deposit to bid when it gets up there. Who knows...He may have lost a perfectly legit 50k bid because of these morons.

    Just my $0.02,


    28.1.2014 12:38 #7

  • Necrosaro

    Being a huge NES collector over the past 25 years, run a game store, and I can almost assure you, that the bid may of got that high, but it was not paid for. That is a gray version of the NWC cart. They sell for about $5k-7k on average. The gold version, which is much more rare, as only a fraction of them were made compared to the gray ones, only sells for $15k-$20k

    31.1.2014 18:49 #8

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