LG working on Google's smartwatch, set for launch at I/O

LG working on Google's smartwatch, set for launch at I/O
Multiple sources have reported today that LG is working on Google's first smartwatch, which will be unveiled in part next month and be available in June following Google's I/O conference.

The company will show off the new special smartwatch-centric OS in a blog post next month, say the sources.

Branded as a Nexus, Google will design the software and control the launch, with LG building the hardware.

The new OS will be based around the Google Now integrated search feature, and will be similar to Google Glass. The watch is expected to have a mic for voice activation and should deeply integrate fitness, Google apps, weather, maps and more.

Wearable devices are expected to have the strongest growth in the industry in the coming years, and will get validation when Apple finally gets in to the mix. So far, there have been a few entries to the smartwatch market, but none have been successful. Pebble, Sony and Samsung are the big names for the time being. Google would certainly be the biggest when it gets in.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Feb 2014 22:52
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  • hearme0

    Yeah........LG should really focus on this and ditch the curved phone crap I just saw at the T-Mobile store a couple days ago. What a waste!

    Wearable tech is borderline a waste too.

    24.2.2014 13:27 #1

  • A5J4DX

    LG make good phones when teaming up with Google so hopefully this should be good :D

    24.2.2014 17:42 #2

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