Original 'Minecraft' hits 100 million registered users

Original 'Minecraft' hits 100 million registered users
Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson has announced that the original version of the game has reached 100 million registered users.

More importantly, Persson says 14.3 percent of all the users have converted over to paid accounts.

You must register for a free account before you can demo the game or purchase the full version.

It is significant to note that the 14.3 million copies sold is just for Windows and Mac. On the Xbox 360, the game has reached 10 million copies sold, and the "Pocket Edition" for mobile has reached 10 million sales, as well. On the Sony PlayStation 3, where the game is relatively new, there have been over 1 million copies sold.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Feb 2014 18:42
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  • cart0181

    Amazing, considering how difficult it is to actually buy. Mojang outright refused to take a perfectly good credit card from my client. And they wouldn't take the prepaid we tried either. Don't look at me... I don't see the attraction.

    27.2.2014 03:26 #1

  • nonoitall

    Checkout didn't give me any issues... Try PayPal?

    27.2.2014 18:07 #2

  • ronatola

    Well my 10 yr old Daughter has added to your coffers NOTCH.
    1x XBOX360
    1x iPad/iPod
    1x Windows

    Great game. It incites creativity and teamwork. Addictive tho. I have to watch home much she plays it.

    28.2.2014 12:41 #3

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