Evleaks reveals Google smartwatch details and specs

Evleaks reveals Google smartwatch details and specs
Potent leaker @EVleaks has revealed some specs and details about Google's upcoming smartwatch, rumored to be launching in June.

LG is expected to be building the wearable device, following their strong relationship with previous Nexus devices.

If accurate, Evleaks says the device will have a 1.65-inch IPS LCD screen (280x280 resolution), 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage and an unknown processor.

Those specs make the watch similar to the Galaxy Gear 2, recently unveiled by Samsung.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 13 Mar 2014 20:44
Google smartwatch Evleaks
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  • xtago

    all these watch designs look poor.

    They are way way way too big, plus they all look like set arm sizes and can't be adjusted.

    People will get these and try it on and if it's too big or slips off they'll throw it away.

    Also the actual use of these watches is pretty limited like Google glass is pretty limited.

    Have some people on the radio who got some to talk about and they tried them out but bagged it out big time because if you use glass with GPS etc the battery only lasts 15 mins.

    and beyond the GPS use there's very little point in them using them 1 person tried it once got a txt message it wouldn't sync with the phone so it'd never show up and the guy hasn't bothered with it since, this is going back to January 2014.

    Something they brought up is, the reason for even having glass or a watch when a lot of people have a phone.

    For example go up to a person who doesn't have watch on and ask them the time and they'll pull out a phone and tell you the time from the phone.

    Do the same thing with a person who has a watch on and they'll probably pull out a phone and tell you the time.

    The only people who have a watch and use it for the time are people who most likely don't have a phone on them.

    So once you know that, whats the point of the glass or watch stuff really.

    14.3.2014 10:28 #1

  • biglo30

    Looks like a box.

    14.3.2014 15:30 #2

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