Google refining Play Store purchase password requirements

Google refining Play Store purchase password requirements
Google has begun rolling out an update for its Play Store that will give users more control over password requirements when making app purchases.

The new update is likely related to a new class action suit the company is facing over in-app purchases. Currently, if making a purchase, users are asked to input a password when first making a password, but any subsequent purchase in the next thirty minutes does not require a password.

While this would normally not be too big of an issue, when a child gets their hands on a device, not requiring a password could be a monetary disaster.

Google has now made it that the 30-minute option is still available, or the setting can be changed to require a password every time a purchase is made. Additionally, the Google Play Store has now added the "In-app purchase (IAP) indicator directly into the permissions window."

All the updates come via Google Play Store version 4.6.16.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 14 Mar 2014 23:05
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