Facebook: We will not be changing Oculus branding

Facebook: We will not be changing Oculus branding
Facebook has denied a recent report that the social network behemoth will be re-branding the Oculus Rift and interface with its own Facebook branding.

Earlier this week, following the $2 billion acquisition, the NYTimes wrote, "According to a person involved in the deal who was not allowed to speak publicly because he was not authorized by either company, Facebook eventually plans to redesign the Oculus hardware and rebrand it with a Facebook interface and logo."

Facebook has said this is just not true "and not in the spirit of our relationship [with Oculus]."

The company has already said it will let Oculus operate independently, exactly like it allows Instagram to do, and will do for its $19 billion acquisition, WhatsApp, as well. Facebook will certainly fund additional R&D, and help with talent hiring along with additional marketing.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Mar 2014 11:15
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  • bobiroc

    Operate independently but tightly integrated with Facebook and their marketing and advertising. If anyone thinks Zuckerberg and Facebook do not have ulterior motives here with this product they are naive. They bought Instagram because it threatened Facebook. This is because they want to use Oculus to further distribute their brand.

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