Notch says no more Minecraft for Oculus Rift following Facebook acquisition

Notch says no more Minecraft for Oculus Rift following Facebook acquisition
Markus 'Notch' Persson, the developer behind Minecraft, has killed all plans for bringing the game to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, following Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of the company.

In his initial Tweet, which was a bit bold, Notch said: "We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of Minecraft to Oculus. I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out."

Notch had just received his developer kit for the VR headset, and was already thinking about creating a new Minecraft experience for it. The developer had even met the company at their headquarters in California.

In his expanded post, Notch added:

Facebook is not a company of grass-roots tech enthusiasts. Facebook is not a game tech company. Facebook has a history of caring about building user numbers, and nothing but building user numbers. People have made games for Facebook platforms before, and while it worked great for a while, they were stuck in a very unfortunate position when Facebook eventually changed the platform to better fit the social experience they were trying to build.

Don't get me wrong, VR is not bad for social. In fact, I think social could become one of the biggest applications of VR. Being able to sit in a virtual living room and see your friend's avatar? Business meetings? Virtual cinemas where you feel like you're actually watching the movie with your friend who is seven time zones away?

But I don't want to work with social, I want to work with games.

Fortunately, the rise of Oculus coincided with competitors emerging. None of them are perfect, but competition is a very good thing. If this means there will be more competition, and VR keeps getting better, I am going to be a very happy boy. I definitely want to be a part of VR, but I will not work with Facebook. Their motives are too unclear and shifting, and they haven't historically been a stable platform. There's nothing about their history that makes me trust them, and that makes them seem creepy to me.

And I did not chip in ten grand to seed a first investment round to build value for a Facebook acquisition.

I have the greatest respect for the talented engineers and developers are Oculus. It's been a long time since I met a more dedicated and talented group of people. I understand this is purely a business deal, and I'd like to congratulate both Facebook and the Oculus owners. But this is where we part ways.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Mar 2014 22:44
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  • mightyzog

    This guy is my new hero. I hate everything about Facebook and the zombies that it creates. Here's a tip idiots.... No one cares what you are having for dinner.... Or that you are cleaning your house... Or those 50,000 stupid pics and videos of your ugly kids.

    27.3.2014 06:26 #1

  • Mysttic

    It should be noted however that Razer claims they are interested in setting up Notch's MC through VR and asked Notch to get in contact: hinting that perhaps they may be investing in their own hardware. Source: IGN. (Take it for the grain of salt it is though.)

    27.3.2014 08:18 #2

  • mightyzog

    That would make sense considering he talked about other competitors on the VR scene.... Like sonys VR that they are developing.... Minecraft for the PS4 using VR would probably be pretty cool. F&$@ Facebook.

    27.3.2014 08:44 #3

  • xnonsuchx

    Here's hoping the Facebook acquisition just drives nearly all devs away from it, focusing on other VR options if they are really interested.

    27.3.2014 08:45 #4

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