8GB iPhone 5c goes live in more European nations

8GB iPhone 5c goes live in more European nations
Apple has made their 8GB model of the iPhone 5c available in a few more European nations.

After a quick maintenance and downtime, the Apple Store came back up yesterday adding the device to the stores for the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic.

For most of the countries, the 8GB model offers a 50 savings from the 16GB (former) base model. In the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal and Belgium it costs 549, and 579 in Italy.

The Czech Republic and Sweden each had equivalent price drops.

In March, Apple made the 8GB model available in th UK, France, Germany, Australia and China.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Apr 2014 10:38
Apple iPhone 5C
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  • SuckRaven

    8GB Model. iPhone. Not an iDevice fan, but this is ridiculous. It is the middle of 2014. 8GB? Really? You can get a microSDXC card that is 128GB. You're telling me that the wizards over at Apple can't find a way to integrate a tiny little chip somewhere in that "huge" iBrick? This is laughable. Maybe I'm not understanding what is actually the technical/engineering challenge here. But this is seriously absurd.


    16.4.2014 23:24 #1

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