Porn streaming set-top FyreTV maker sues Amazon over FireTV trademark

Porn streaming set-top FyreTV maker sues Amazon over FireTV trademark
In 2008, WREAL LLC created a porn streaming set-top box called the FyreTV, along with a dedicated website at

This week, the company has sued Amazon for five counts of alleged trademark infringement, following the release of the new Fire TV set-top media streamer. The company claims the trademarks were registered six years before Amazon unveiled their new hardware.

Almost comically, the company's court documents claim that "Amazon's continued use of the "Fire TV" moniker has caused, and will continue to cause, serious irreparable harm to Wreal's established business, necessitating this action."

In their complaint, WREAL claims both products are identical (for the most part) and that the "FireTV is nothing more than a proprietary STB that performs a substantially similar, if not identical, function to the proprietary STB marketed under the FyreTV trademark."

Currently, redirects to, so there are likely some consumers who have been unwittingly led to a porn-based site when looking for more information about Amazon's set-top. The market for the original FyreTV is likely non-existent, and the hype from Amazon may have possibly even helped bring awareness to the porn box.

Regardless, WREAL is requesting a jury trial and damages for the infringement.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Apr 2014 19:50
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