Firefox 29 has a new look, improved Sync feature

Firefox 29 has a new look, improved Sync feature
Mozilla has released Firefox 29.0 for Desktop PCs, packing a new UI look, a new menu and a new improved Firefox Sync feature.

The new interface is definitely easy on the eyes, particularly how the open tab is more prominent at the top of the screen while background tabs fade. The old Firefox button has disappeared and has been replaced with a new menu button, like that seen in Google's Chrome browser.

When you click the button in Chrome, you get a text drop-list of options you can click, but Firefox 29.0 goes a step further with a new improved menu that includes icons you can click.

Also on the menu is an option to Sign in to Sync. Mozilla has improved the Sync feature by making it account-based so you can now easily retain all of your settings, bookmarks, history and also sync tabs across PCs and other devices.

Under the hood, Mozilla has finalized and enabled the GamePad API which it has been working on since Firefox 24. The GamePad API will make it possible to control games within Firefox using a proper controller.

You can download Firefox 29.0 FINAL for Windows from AfterDawn now.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 29 Apr 2014 8:33
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  • xnonsuchx

    Annoyed by this "Hey! Let's make it look like Chrome!" crap! I'm sticking w/ 28 and disabling auto-updates.

    29.4.2014 20:23 #1

  • Gplanet

    Gave it a test run very disappointed slow like the rest go back to version 8 or 9 !!!!


    29.4.2014 21:42 #2

  • cziembo

    I updated Firefox 28 to version 29 early this morning as a matter of routine maintenance. I then spent two hours---two hours--in an attempt to get my machine back to running normally with a version of FF that was as good as version 28. After many system restores, corrupted FireFox programs and just plain terrible interface and colour schemes, I eventually got something reasonably acceptable. Never again will I automatically update FF---actually, this evening I will be downloading and trying Chrome in order to get away from Firefox and it's blatant political correctness of late.

    2.5.2014 13:54 #3

  • mblyler

    Originally posted by xnonsuchx: Annoyed by this "Hey! Let's make it look like Chrome!" crap! I'm sticking w/ 28 and disabling auto-updates. Amen, brother. FF ruined the flexibility I had to minimize wasted view space with menu bar, address bar & search bar all on top line. I want the address bar above tabs again. I hate this "touchy"-feely crap. I am not a sheep ... I am a man. Back to 28 ... or maybe somewhere else (but not Big Brother Chrome). I, too am disgusted with FF's political correctness evil.

    2.5.2014 16:22 #4

  • djgriffin

    Before I update to any new version of FF. I always use Mozbackup to backup my current version of FF, including settings, passwords, etc... Then I download a fresh copy of the current version and store it with my back up mentioned above. If I dont like the new version, I just uninstall, and reinstall the old version and the use the restore function from Mozbackup. This has save me a lot of headaches and time. Mozbackup is simple to use and has never failed to do the job right!

    2.5.2014 17:46 #5

  • mscritsm

    You can try the "Classic Theme Restorer" add-in to get 29 close to looking like 28. It restores the old tabs and the orange menu button in the upper left.

    2.5.2014 19:06 #6

  • RustyGeezer

    I think Firefox 29 isn't that bad. Some customizing needs to be done to tidy things up because of the new layout, otherwise it's all good (in my opinion). Took me about 5 minutes to customize it how I like it. Although it takes a little while to get use to where things have been moved. I have only experienced these problems for which I have found solutions or workarounds:

    1) The removal of the lower toolbar (at the bottom of the window), but that doesn't bother me because the items which were on it can be added to the new menu (including the search bar) by right clicking on the item and left click "Move to Menu" or, can be added to or left on the top toolbar (I mean the bar with the web address bar). If the item is under additional tools and features when in customizing mode, drag the item to the new menu or drag it to the toolbar.

    2) The menu bar and title bar when shown, appear to be taking up more space... because, at least on my older Firefox versions, the menu bar options were found from the orange Firefox button which was on the same horizontal line as the tabs and the minimize/maximize/exit buttons of the title bar. This increase in size maybe a problem on small screens. Yet the menu bar and title bar can be hidden when customizing. The minimize/maximise/exit buttons then get combined with/on the same line as the tabs. The items I used most from the menu bar (bookmarks, options, history, add-ons and print) can be added to or are on the new menu or toolbar. I have used an add-on called NoSquint or I've used hotkeys (CTRL and + or -) instead of using the View options from the menu bar for a long time, so it doesn't bother me about losing the menu bar. Options I used on the Menu bar under Tools can be accessed from each add-on's button/icon on the toolbar or in the new menu.

    Carry on Firefoxin' :)

    3.5.2014 12:45 #7

  • 2oldGeek

    FF screwed the pooch on this one! I returned to 28.

    3.5.2014 13:39 #8

  • phobet

    I have to say, I like now they have finally created an account based sync function, as opposed to entering in some random-looking alphanumeric characters. Bravo!

    3.5.2014 19:16 #9

  • 2oldGeek

    Originally posted by phobet: I have to say, I like now they have finally created an account based sync function, as opposed to entering in some random-looking alphanumeric characters. Bravo! Oh, I like the looks of it.. But it is buggy as an outhouse and keeps crashing on me.. It's more like a beta version.

    3.5.2014 19:24 #10

  • aldan

    dont feel bad,i updated comodo dragon to the latest version and voila adblock doesnt block the video advertising on msn.didnt take long to revert back on that one.when this happened i downloaded the latest ff (before i heard all the bad press),and i have to say it didnt impress me at all.i know comodo is a chrome (bad word) based browser but its the one ive stuck with the longest.

    3.5.2014 19:35 #11

  • 2oldGeek

    I may give Comodo IceDragon, Pale Moon, or Waterfox a whirl to see how they fare.. I know that they are FF siblings but overall I do like Firefox and have been with it for as long as it's been around.

    3.5.2014 19:52 #12

  • aldan

    i hear you.if dragon pisses me of anymore i might go the icedragon route myself.i can only think that a lot of money must have changed hands for comodo to make adblock ineffective at blocking video ads in the new version.

    3.5.2014 19:58 #13

  • 2oldGeek

    As always, Money Talks.... lol

    I've had a few tell me they liked Pale Moon so I might try that first.

    3.5.2014 20:01 #14

  • 2oldGeek

    @aldan, Try WaterFox v28. it looks exactly like Firefox 28 and is much faster, very close to Chrome. when you install it will auto transfer all bookmarks, settings, add-ons etc. from Firefox. Looks like a winner to me..... I see!

    3.5.2014 21:32 #15

  • aldan

    going to have a look as we speak.

    3.5.2014 21:40 #16

  • KillerBug

    Thanks for all the I know to wait until version 31 (in about 3 weeks at mozilla's release cycle).

    4.5.2014 18:11 #17

  • 2oldGeek

    Firefox has just released a fix for v29 it's v29.0.1 - I will check it out and see if they really fixed all that is wrong with v29... LOL

    10.5.2014 15:01 #18

  • Sentientia

    Firefox v29 (and v29.0.1) is an unusable sham for many at best, and a pathetic attempt at copying Chrome. No wonder they're losing users; they forget that most of us came to them to escape the evils of Google, but since they're attempting to be Google copycats (including advertising now), then what's the point?

    Old Compose for gmail no longer works in the latest version, icons and options are missing from the toolbar, and Classic Theme Restorer is a joke. All in all, FF is a total waste of space and my time.

    Mozilla has screwed me over for the last time.

    19.5.2014 15:49 #19

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