WATCH: 'Classified' film exposes UK spying programs

WATCH: 'Classified' film exposes UK spying programs
A 20+ minute film released by the Open Rights Group exposes the activities of GCHQ in the United Kingdom, and the government's failure to control it and protect its citizens' privacy

A year on from the first reports of massive surveillance operations around the world, the Open Right's Group has chastised the UK government for doing pretty much nothing at all to protect itself citizens' rights to privacy, or to reign in GCHW.

ORG notes that the UK has fallen five places in the Freedom House world ranking of countries' press freedom, largely related to how it reacted to media reports about GCHQ.

"There has been limited public and political debate in the UK," Ed Paton Williams writes for ORG.

"The issue continues to be conveniently ignored by the UK government and sidelined by most of our mainstream media."

The privacy rights' advocacy group has released a new film that details the spying underway in the UK, and you can watch it below. Alternatively, you can get a torrent for it here.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 7 Jun 2014 16:45
Open Rights Group
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