Group now trying to block The Pirate Bay in Norway

Group now trying to block The Pirate Bay in Norway
Norway's new Rights Alliance anti-piracy group has announced plans to get infamous torrent tracker The Pirate Bay blocked in the nation.

The group will be sending a petition to the Oslo District Court later this month, and the group is citing the newly enforced copyright law that came into effect over the summer. The new laws allow copyright owners the right to force ISPs to block sites and services "where material which clearly violates copyright is made widely available".

If the petition is accepted, the Pirate Bay will be the first site in the history of the nation to be blocked by ISPs not due to child pornography.

The Rights Alliance first sent a letter to Norway's largest ISP, Telenor, asking to block the site, but the ISP refused. The ISP says it will not block any site unless required by law.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 Jun 2014 12:55
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