UK Court rules Nintendo infringed on multiple Philips remote control patents

UK Court rules Nintendo infringed on multiple Philips remote control patents
In 2012, Philips sued Nintendo for patent infringement in the UK, alleging that the Wii and Wii U infringed on its remote control patents.

This week, the England and Wales High Court has ruled that Nintendo did in fact infringe on three patents, all of which are related to a "user interface system based on a pointing device." One was found to be invalid, but did rule that Nintendo infringed amended versions of the other two patents.

Each of the patents describe computer systems with handheld pointing devices that have a camera and physical motion sensor. In addition, the "device is used for hand-gesture commands to a fixed unit with the gesture analysis based on motion trajectory of the device." Those systems use room localization beacons, and Philips claims that the tech can be used and has been used for gaming.

While there have of course been similar products on the market, the court ruled that nobody has used the combination of sensors and gesture analysis. Other companies, like Wacom and Sony, have used some aspects but not others. "The Nintendo Wii system set up with Wii Tennis is an example of that combination and therefore infringes the claim," Philips said in its initial claim.

Philips tried to negotiate a licensing agreement with Nintendo in 2011 but was rejected. It then turned to a lawsuit. Philips has filed similar suits in German, France and most recently, the U.S. In the U.S., Philips wants a full injunction on the import and sales of the Wii and Wii U. All those cases are still pending, but will likely get a boost given this decision.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Jun 2014 12:18
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