Sony hits milestone with 10 million PS4s sold

Sony hits milestone with 10 million PS4s sold
Today at Gamescom 2014, Sony has announced a new milestone for the PlayStation 4 console: 10 million units sold.

Sony last revealed the amount of units sold back in February, and the figure was an impressive 5.3 million so it appears that demand for the console has not slowed down in the least.

The console has outsold its rivals ever since launch, although Microsoft has made somewhat of a comeback after launching a Kinect-less version of the Xbox One at the same price as the PS4.

Sony's PlayStation 4 is available around the world, starting at $399 USD.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 Aug 2014 20:29
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  • ivymike

    I wonder what the US Department of Defense is gonna do with all their PS3's, LOL.

    13.8.2014 01:22 #1

  • bhetrick

    Trade them in at GameStop for credit.

    13.8.2014 08:56 #2

  • ZippyDSM

    I hope it kills off the Xbox >>

    Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

    Check out my crappy creations

    13.8.2014 11:14 #3

  • Bozobub

    Originally posted by ivymike: I wonder what the US Department of Defense is gonna do with all their PS3's, LOL.
    They'll keep 'em. They're all part of one or more large distributed supercomputers. The NSA, for example, uses 'em for cryptography/cryptoanalysis.

    13.8.2014 14:52 #4

  • pensfan12

    Originally posted by ZippyDSM: I hope it kills off the Xbox >> Why would you want that?

    13.8.2014 20:21 #5

  • Bozobub

    I can hazard a guess. M$ totally borked the marketing of the XBone, to be frank, and completely insulted the public more than once. It was similar to their missteps with Win8, but even MORE obnoxious. For example:
    - The always-on camera, that happens to be sensitive enough to be a reasonably effective lie detector (it can see your heartbeat), which also happens to be a required part of the purchase.
    - The initial internet requirement, which was immediately shown to be bogus (because they largely backed off).
    - Ridiculously high prices for both hardware and software, when you can buy better hardware AND games for less by buying a midrange gaming PC. Additionally, both the XBone and PS4 are arguably in many ways weaker game systems than the previous gen, a sad thing indeed.
    - And so on.

    In other words, I think ZippyDSM would like to see M$ eat some nice crow-flavored karma pie =) .

    13.8.2014 21:12 #6

  • joebloe12

    @Zippy....well you do not have to worry....because I think with these sales figures and the flop of Win 8....Microsoft is already eating that "Crow pie"!

    I knew it was going to happen when Microsoft employees introducing the XBox one came out and said you have to have an internet cannot play used games....and you have to have kinect no matter what! And that they would not consider bundling the xbox one without kinect....that is...until they saw their sales tank!

    So the EGO that Microsoft has shown over this console and the way they have treated the public as "take it or leave it" and the majority said "screw YOU Microsoft ...we'll LEAVE IT!" Just goes to show how no company can tell the public what they "need"!

    But it was too little too late when they finally did remove kinect Because by then most people were snapping up the PS4 without the idiotic restrictions that xbox one gave.

    Thus, the sales figures between the two. To me it is no surprise, though I imagine Microsoft is still trying to wrap it's head around the idea that most people hated what they wanted in a console!

    They had better learn their lesson (And any other company thinking of following in their tracks) because they will get more of the same if they ever try that again.

    14.8.2014 06:44 #7

  • voyager

    Originally posted by ZippyDSM: I hope it kills off the Xbox >> Why? both consoles must exist.Is good to see conpetitions and rivality.

    15.8.2014 15:23 #8

  • DJ1958

    They're so busy patting themselves on the back hat they are delaying the Game The Golf Club from being certified and released for PS4.
    Sony, sell more consoles then leave your customers hanging....... Nice.

    15.8.2014 21:12 #9

  • TrinUK

    Yep the PS4 so far is crap! Watchdogs is a pile of poo and I was amazed just how much better GTA V on the PS3 is in terms of game play and graphics compared to watchdogs on the PS4.

    The machine was released way too early and there is a severe games drought. Also.... the developers are a lazy bunch of greedy gits. They are making last gen games (PS3/Xbox360) then tarting up the graphics a little and passing it off as Next Gen. Bull crap! Things wont improve until they stop producing for the PS3 and Xbox360 which they wont do as the demand is still very strong.

    Trin - Making Digital Waves

    18.8.2014 05:32 #10

  • Bozobub

    What did anyone expect? BOTH systems are merely barely-mid-range Intel gaming PCs, wearing shoddy, hastily-applied makeup ^^' . Point of fact, at least for the PS4, the CPU is a definite step backwards from the Cell architecture, although yes, the GPU is better on both systems.

    The main reason both consoles moved to Intel was NOT for any kind of quality or speed improvement. Rather, it was to make games cheaper and easier to develop, and also to port across multiple systems. That's it, folks. Any other mumbo-jumbo they sold you about "next-gen" was exactly that. All of the other features could just as easily been sold as peripherals or improvements to the XBox 360 and PS3.

    18.8.2014 11:57 #11

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