British pirate receives 33 month prison sentence for CAM version of Fast and Furious 6

British pirate receives 33 month prison sentence for CAM version of Fast and Furious 6
25-year-old Philip Danks of the UK has been sentenced to 33 months in prison after he was convicted of filming "Fast and Furious 6" and being the first person to upload the film to piracy sites in May 2013.

Allegedly, his camera copy of the popular film was downloaded over 700,000, with distributor Universal Pictures claiming that copy cost the studio 2.5 million. In addition to uploading the film, Danks, who went by the online handle "Thecod3r," sold DVD copies for 1.50 each, netting near 1,000 in total.

Danks was arrested six days after uploading the film, after police and Universal Pictures connected very easy dots to find his identity. Searching the Web for any reference to "Thecod3r," they found a comment on a piracy site by "Thecod3r" and also that "Thecod3r" was Danks' handle on the dating site Plenty of Fish.

Even after being caught and arrested, Danks decided to continue being stupid, posting "Seven billion people and I was the first. F*** you Universal Pictures" on his Facebook page.

As expected, the judge gave an extremely harsh sentence to Danks due to his attitude and blatant lack of remorse. "This was bold, arrogant, and cocksure offending. Your approach to the film industry was made clear in the posting you made on Facebook two days after your arrest. I accept the personal profit was modest, but the real seriousness of this case is the loss caused to the film industry as a whole," wrote the judge.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Aug 2014 15:58
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  • scorpNZ

    Lack of remorse..lmao..wasn't that bloody obvious from the cam he made & what ! gets caught & supposed too act sorry ? if he was sorry he wouldn't have done it the first place & was obviously prepared to take the risk,nothing here other than being made an example of.As for 33 months he ought'a file for a retrial that length seems too long,he should'a got home detention with community service work thrown in,he would've here in NZ,well considering what crim's get away with here,stink'n gutless bleeding heart liberals

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    24.8.2014 21:55 #1

  • Mrguss

    Pro ppl. just Create new e-mails & Acc. to upload "wherever" then, when they think many already have it; few hours later they Delete the accounts and keep going with their life.

    No need for "Fame" this days.

    Live Free or Die.
    The rule above all the rules is: Survive !
    Capitalism: Funnel most of the $$$ to the already rich.

    25.8.2014 16:33 #2

  • xnonsuchx

    Internet and stupidity go hand in hand a little too well.

    26.8.2014 06:58 #3

  • Bozobub

    Well, considering average IQ is defined at 100, well... I think you're just noticing how stupid average people can be ^^' .

    26.8.2014 21:40 #4

  • scorpNZ

    what i find amusing is those who paid for a cam dvd,that friends is desperate

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    27.8.2014 03:13 #5

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