Nest Thermostat now free with contract in Ireland

Nest Thermostat now free with contract in Ireland
Google's smarthome hardware maker Nest has announced the first step in its new sales strategy to get free smart thermostats to everyone.

Irish citizens can now get a free Nest when they sign up for a two-year utility contract with Electric Ireland. The Nest normally costs $250, so the deal is pretty decent especially if you were going to sign a utilities contract, anyways.

Most utilities customers pay month to month so the deal also works out for the utilities companies.

While Ireland and its 1.6 million households is a small start, but Nest is looking to "bring it out to hopefully many more countries. This is a seminal event in Ireland [that] we think is going to change the world."

The smart thermostat learns user's heating and cooling preferences over time and also allows you to control the heat via Web-connected devices.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 6 Nov 2014 12:36
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