Sony's PSN down in possible DDoS attack [UPDATE]

Sony's PSN down in possible DDoS attack [UPDATE]
Sony's PlayStation Network and Store are having problems on Monday as a group called Lizard Squad takes credit for their downtime.

The same group took credit for an Xbox Live outage last week. While there are reports that PSN is up and working for some users again, at this time visiting the PlayStation Store still returns an error reading: "Page Not Found! It's not you. It's the internet's fault."

UPDATE 1: Sony is continuing to work on getting its services back to normal this morning, and has urged anybody who has experienced difficulties with PSN to try it again. We will update with any further information. Original article continues below.

The group Lizard Squad, which has a website based in Russia, tweeted this following in reference to the outages:

Sony is aware of the issue, has said it is working on it and will keep PlayStation users updated as things change.

Here's how the PlayStation Store look on Monday morning.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 8 Dec 2014 3:14
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  • hearme0

    This is out of control and now it's just pissing people off.......especially PSN users.

    There is NO HONOR in maliciously attacking Sony like this and anyone that defends these acts by saying something stupid such as "but Sony puts out crap movies and games" should be publicly hung.

    8.12.2014 12:41 #1

  • JGJD2001


    Who Dare Wins

    8.12.2014 14:18 #2

  • dewthedew

    ....and to take credit for an attack on such an already beat down network. This is just pitiful. Go for something that hasn't been done, at least try to be original. Release that secret recipe for some KFC ffs!

    9.12.2014 06:09 #3

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