'The Interview' makes $15 million in rentals, sales in 96 hours

'The Interview' makes $15 million in rentals, sales in 96 hours
According to Sony Pictures, 'The Interview' made $15 million in revenue in online sales and rentals during its first 96 hours of availability.

After the major theaters balked at playing the film on the big screen, Sony decided to release it on Christmas as a $6 rental or a $15 purchase via Xbox Video, Google Play and a few other proprietary on-demand pay streaming sites.

The studio said there were about two million transactions in total but Sony did not break down how many were sales versus rentals.

While the majors did not release the film, a few independent theaters played the movie on about 300 screens, generating an additional $3 million from Christmas until Sunday.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Dec 2014 16:12
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    If Sony is smart they will start to release films like this on youtube, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Play and etc. The sales will be outstanding. As sometimes my family and I would rather just watch the films in the comfort of our home. I don't mind paying $6 or $15 for a blockbuster movie on DAY 1 release in my house.


    2.1.2015 13:57 #1

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