'The Interview' is headed to Netflix on Saturday

'The Interview' is headed to Netflix on Saturday
Netflix has announced today that U.S. and Canadian streaming subscribers will be able to watch the infamous 'The Interview' starting this Saturday.

The company did not discuss the terms of the deal, but it certainly marks the quickest time in which a major motion picture has been made available via the streaming service.

Sony Pictures recently announced that the film brought in $46 million from digital rentals and sales and from theater showings in a a couple hundred independent theater chains. The movie will hit Blu-ray on February 17th.

The movie dominated headlines in December after Sony Pictures was decimated by a cyber attack and the attackers threatened a terrorist attack on movie theaters leading the major U.S. chains to suspend the release. Sony then made film available online as a rental or purchase on Christmas, where it became the top online film of all-time.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Jan 2015 23:01
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  • kpodolski

    Does anyone really care now???

    22.1.2015 10:13 #1

  • dEwMe

    Don't waste your time. It sucks.

    Just my $0.02,


    22.1.2015 12:42 #2

  • g_slide

    I'm sure the movie will suck, but I'm happy to see that Netflix is bringing a New Release movie this early to streaming.

    Now if they can do this periodically for other movies, it might help slow down piracy a little and we will feel like we are getting our moneys worth when paying monthly service for Netflix streaming.

    I'll still watch this movie coming this Saturday, at least I wont have to pay extra to see it when you compared to the others who bought into the hype when it finally released last month and paid to see it.

    22.1.2015 21:02 #3

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