Sony to cut 1000 more jobs from struggling smartphone division

Sony to cut 1000 more jobs from struggling smartphone division
According to new reports, Sony is planning to layoff another 1000 employees from its struggling smartphone division.

Most of the jobs are in Europe and China and would be in addition to the 1000 already announced last year.

Employment at Sony's mobile division will drop by 30 percent, to around 5000 by the end of the fiscal year that ends March 2016.

Sony's smartphone struggles have been well televised as the company tries to find ways to sell its Xperia devices to the masses, with little success.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 28 Jan 2015 21:36
Sony Smartphones layoffs
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  • marknc

    It's a pity. I have a new Xperia E3 and it's absolutely brilliant. Better by far than Samsung and a close contender to Apple iPhone IMO. I've always been a fan of Sony gear. Quality is always superior. Hope they manage to recover.

    1.2.2015 05:08 #1

  • rebeccafrank

    SONY seems to face a great tough time these days so does its employees of whom nearly 5000 are about to be laid-off. Its new horizons across China and Europe builts hope for the company.
    How to Find a Career Path

    4.2.2015 01:35 #2

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