Report: The Apple Watch Edition will cost over $10,000

Report: The Apple Watch Edition will cost over $10,000
The connected Apple insider John Gruber has done his research and believes the most expensive Apple Watch models will cost over $10,000 when its released.

Apple's base 'Sport' model will cost $349, followed by the steel Apple Watch and then the gold Apple Edition.

Speaking to sources and getting his bearings in the watch world, Gruber believes the steel Apple Watch with sport band will start at $749, while the Edition models will retail for $10,000 or higher.

It will be interesting to see if consumers are willing to pay high-end watch prices for a smartwatch.

To read more about Gruber's thought process on the pricing, read here.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Feb 2015 22:33
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  • hearme0

    Insider or not, this sounds like a complete crock O'shit!

    Perhaps if the "Gold Edition" is completely covered (not dipped)in 18K with a couple diamonds then I would believe the 10K mark but Apple didn't make it's money by DRAMATICALLY over-charging on something run-of-the-mill like this product is.

    Sorry but I don't buy it.

    We'll see though soon enough.

    23.2.2015 23:14 #1

  • SoTired

    There are some seriously delusional people out there.

    "Luxury" watches with 2000% markups over cost have been vastly overpriced for decades. Maybe those prices made sense when there was a much higher degree of "handmade" craftsmanship in the process. The prices survive in large measure because people can be confident that the watch will last more than 100 years, and they can sell it for almost as much as they paid for it. Many people look at them as an investment, not simply as jewelry.

    The same is not true for the iWatch. Gruber is a moron for thinking otherwise. On the inside, the Apple watch is not a series of gears and shafts that can last for centuries. It is transistors and silicone that will fail after some reasonable window of time. In the tech world, a computer-based product that lasts more than five years is a rarity. Even if the Apple watch lasts 10 years, no one could possibly look at something as an investment that will be worthless in a decade.

    Apple knows better. Apple is not going to try to sell these watches as overpriced jewelry that happen to house technology. They are going to sell them as technology in an elegant package, as Apple has always done. A little pricier than the rest of the market, but not insanely so.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise simply doesn't understand the watch market and why smartwatches will never fetch luxury watch prices.

    Personally, I am not an Apple fan, so I hope Apple overprices its watches and no one buys them. But I don't think Apple is that stupid.

    24.2.2015 02:53 #2

  • Dragon3000

    Here we go again...

    ZX Spectrum 128K

    24.2.2015 12:20 #3

  • ivymike

    For $10,000.00 you'd sure feel stupid if you misplaced it.

    24.2.2015 22:52 #4

  • matthuisman

    Originally posted by ivymike: For $10,000.00 you'd sure feel stupid if you misplaced it. I'm sure there will be an app for that

    24.2.2015 23:42 #5

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