Jolla announces "Sailfish Secure," a 'security hardened' version of its operating system

Jolla announces Sailfish Secure, a 'security hardened' version of its operating system
Jolla, the Finnish smartphone startup, has announced Sailfish Secure, a 'security hardened' version of its operating system.

The company says it will work directly with Finland's SSH Communications to enhance its Sailfish operating system with better security credentials. SSH says it will provide communication encryption and key management.

Says Jolla: "The Sailfish Secure approach will allow solution concept adaptation to e.g. local needs, and also collaboration with other security partners. End customers like governments or large corporations are able to adapt the solution to their preferred hardware platform, i.e. the solution is not tied to a specific hardware configuration."

Who are potential customers for Sailfish Secure? "Customers for the solution can include government officials, and corporations needing a secure mobile solution. The aim is also to make the solution affordable for consumers."

Jolla's secure OS should be available 'during 2016,' notes the company.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 2 Mar 2015 21:55
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