New iOS update adds Apple Watch app that you cannot remove

New iOS update adds Apple Watch app that you cannot remove
Apple is really pressing its unreleased Watch on its massive ecosystem of users.

When you download iOS 8.2 you will be greeted by the new Apple Watch application, which at this point only offers some promo videos for the smartwatch and a link to the website so you can conceivably pre-order in the coming weeks. When the watch actually launches, the app will house all the Apple Watch apps you can download.

Unfortunately for those that have no plans to ever purchase the Watch, the app cannot be deleted, so you will just have to hide it in a folder with the rest of the Apple apps you can't delete like Passbook, Tips, Stocks, Weather, Calendar, Clock, FaceTime, Contacts, iBooks, Compass, Maps, Health, Newsstand, Photos, Camera, Notes, Messages, Voice Memos, the iTunes Store, and the App Store.

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Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 10 Mar 2015 10:43
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  • beanos66

    yup, will go in my crapple folder

    10.3.2015 14:24 #1

  • audvare

    When the jailbreak for iOS 8.2/3 comes out (assuming it will) I will just hide this icon with Springtomize.

    If not, and I end up with 8.2/3 it will go into the 'Useless' folder just like 'Contacts' and other useless apps ('Contacts' interface is literally in the Phone app; if you have an iPhone, there is no need for a separate app for that!)

    11.3.2015 15:55 #2

  • bobiroc

    Originally posted by beanos66: yup, will go in my crapple folder LOL I do that too with all the Apple Apps you cannot remove..

    "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ~ Roy Trenneman

    12.3.2015 18:55 #3

  • marleyboy

    Anything slightly related to Apple would be more than enough for me to format.

    12.3.2015 22:09 #4

  • audvare

    In OS X it is not that different, especially lately as of 10.9 and 10.10. But you can still take the apps off your Dock, and they'll be in /Applications but that is far less annoying and almost invisible for most people. A similar thing should exist in iOS but nope.

    13.3.2015 20:40 #5

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